Zak Teachout


Zak Teachout is a certified personal trainer specializing in functional strength training, nutrition, and weight loss. His own experience with weight loss has given him valuable insight when it comes to coaching his clients.

“I was obese most of my life. I lived a sedentary lifestyle and turned to food for comfort. Weighing 350 pounds at my heaviest, I was eating myself to death. But 130 pounds ago, I decided to put down the pizza and pick up the barbell. Fitness saved my life. It has helped me find my smile, my drive, and my zen.”

Zak has since turned his passion into a career, helping people to find their smile and confidence through personal training.

“The most exciting part of my day is being a part of your success story, whether it’s improving balance and range of motion, or fitting into that old pair of jeans. That's why I do what I do!”

Fitness for everyone.

At Teach Fitness, we understand each person has a unique situation, and we take your fitness goals seriously. Our personal trainers use proven techniques & customized program design. We are confident that we can help you move, feel and live better!


 NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

FMS Level 1


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